Dried Flower Cleansing Bundle with Crystals

Dried Flower Cleansing Bundle with Crystals

haus of growth
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These beautiful bundles can have any variation of flowers included - they are chosen at random - 1 piece.


If you feel these are too beautiful to burn you don’t have to burn them to achieve their cleansing effect! These can simply be placed to a small vase and set in place within your home or workplace in order to cleanse. Try to avoid areas high in moisture in order to get the most from your bundle!


If you choose to burn these please do so at your own risk, any injury or damage caused is not our fault whatsoever. Great caution needs to be taken to ensure this is done safely. Please consider your surroundings before lighting one. Never light one with the crystal and twine still attached!


Bunches are generally 13cm from top to bottom (these can vary slightly from bunch to bunch!)

The gold wire pendant allows you to remove the crystals inside. Each bundle has 3 small tumbled chips inside this - one rose quartz, one clear quartz and one amethyst.