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Mindfulness Moments Colouring Book

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Mindfulness Moments is the very first colouring book in the collection.

All the prints have been hand drawn and digitally printed on 150gsm paper to allow for smooth and bleed proof colouring. The book is wire bound so you are able to fold the book completely without damaging any of the pages.

With 22 different prints, ranging from simplistic minimal colouring to the more intricate deeper pieces, this little book will help you and your soul feel that moment of mindfulness.

Recommended Colouring Materials: 

  • Ideal materials for our Colouring Books are Pencils, Markers and Fine Liners (for the more intricate prints).
  • Water colours, Acrylic and Poster Paint work well for the less intricate prints, but we do recommend you place a plastic sheet behind the print you are painting to ensure it does not bleed through to the next page. 
  • We do not recommend using oil based paints in this book as the paper is not heavy enough to hold the paint.